these blog posts are written by Dr. alfredo G. Tomasselli, a Retired bio-Chemist and Bio-physicist who spent his life in Academia and The Pharmaceutical Industry researching cures and treatments for diseases such as HIV/Aids, Diabetes, and Rheumatoid arthritis. His daughter sara inspires this blog and helps to write posts. sara was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on april 4th, 2014 at the age of 30. 

2015 Artificial Pancreas: an interesting publication

 The “artificial pancreas” is a system still under experimentation. It is an automated insulin delivery system composed of a continuous glucose monitor which sends real-time glucose concentrations data to a control algorithm which controls a pump for the subcutaneous insulin delivery. In 2014, numerous advancements in the development of this close loop system (CLS) in outpatient settings have been reported; these are still short term studies, but there are positive results.  Dr. Jay S. Skyler of the Miami Miller School of Medicine has summarized those studies in an interesting paper “Progress towards a bionic pancreas” (Skyler, J. S. Nat. Rev. Endocrinol. 11, 75–76 (2015)). Dr. Skyler emphasizes key advances obtained in a number of studies such as the feasibility and safety of these portable devices in outpatient settings; a better glycemic control without increasing the risk of hypoglycemia; and the inclusion of adolescents in these studies.

 Yet, it looks like there is still quite a bit of experimentation left before any of these systems will be considered for approval in the management of T1D.

I'll be watching closely regarding any new developments and will keep you posted. Until next time!

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